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good night, don't forget to pray! ☝ luv ü all 😚💖
bakit ka nag iba, meron na bang iba?
late night thoughts ok ok
nakakapagod mag-aral, pero mas nakakapagod magpa-aral.
"kamusta crush mo?" "ayun, sila na nung crush nya."
ang gwapo gwapo ng baby ko 😩❤
RT @itsposttmalone: don’t marry rich. become rich together.
RT @GOHINGMELISSA: When you start focusing on a loving God who's given everything & stop focusing on what seems to be going wrong, you will…
maturity is cutting off people who are toxic for you
i'm sad, i need you.
pati ba naman pagbili ng S.O.S kaylangan pa ng prescrip huhu so pano naaa 😭
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RT @SijeyRawwrr: Hindi ka bobo, tamad ka lang.
RT @xxmelissajungxx: when u got lots of homeworks, projects, and exams to study but u just chill in bed like... "WHY DO I HAVE TO DO ALL O…
RT @neiljedcastro: If you judge a book by its cover, you’ll miss a good story. -Her real name is Staah -She is a lawyer -She is 47 years o…
RT @Cassieecat: there’s millions of reasons to love u
RT @ilovejamilll: Real heaven! 🙈♥️☝🏻
RT @ilovejamilll: Real heaven! 🙈♥️☝🏻
RT @tinmaeqt: iiyak na sana ako, pero iiyak talaga ako kasi babae ako
RT @tinmaeqt: iiyak na sana ako, pero iiyak talaga ako kasi babae ako
RT @supridgee: guys who still say "hi nakauwi na po ako" are so precious
RT @supridgee: guys who still say