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@CharlesPPierce Ted Kennedy was a Celtics fan too. Maybe Ted Bundy too. I’m not even a trump fan (can’t stand him a…
Gundy, kids never wanted to farm.
@BlindMike_ We're do for an Eddie Andelman redux. Give the people what they want.
@GlobeChadFinn @OMFonWEEI @DaleKeefeWEEI Dale and Keefe had to leave drive time. Mr Pringles has more lives than a cat!
@nbadrafter Foursomes too per the story? Human centipede city for Beningo
@bostonradio Big Show redux...hilarious that Ordway wins again.
@GerryCallahan Good luck on the afternoon drive
RT @PGATOUR: Jack Nicklaus' results at #TheOpen from 1963-1982: 3rd 2nd T12 1st 🏆 2nd T2 T6 1st 🏆 T5 2nd 4th 3rd T3 T2 2nd 1st 🏆 T2 T4 #Li
They still have a Marche. Athletes notice “the little things”
RT @KenMcGraw: A new Papa John has been chosen
RT @ReformedBroker: what stage of Late Capitalism is this?
@BillyPacman How aren’t you blue check marked? Walter Day could prob hook that up for u as well
@GlobeChadFinn The equivalent of watching others play video games.
@nbadrafter Read this as a euphemism for something else
@buc_d @Super70sSports Goodbody was a beast though
@buc_d @Super70sSports Loved both guys! Mr Green Jeans should be in that pic!