victorkiam (@victorkiam)

Mr. Wonderful take this picture?
@TheClemReport Brian Koo w his iconic “there’s a kill screen coming up” quote lives in infamy
@TheClemReport That man ALWAYS has a plan
RT @PeteAbe: Oakland Coliseum has been playing songs with weed references all day. Happy 420 in California.
Red Sox need a Bless You Boys song when they blow past 35-5
@nbadrafter @AdamBField The cut to the groin area is electric!
RT @ByJayKing: Don Mattingly out here whapping jumpers before Celtics shootaround
@csl_duke Absolutely! Fond memories. Cousy w his indelible “YESSSSS” when bird would get on a run. Solid broadcasting group.
@AdamBField @nbadrafter there was never an issue of inventory (of stupid) at 703 Walnut ave
@csl_duke i can hear him exclaiming, "LARRY BIRD!" at some terrible NBA arena like Market Square or the HemisFair A…
@AdamBField @nbadrafter convince @renscorpionpresident to do this back in the day after a rollicking night at 44s?
@csl_duke I feel like his Celtics work in the 80s is lost in the shuffle. He was great with the Cous on Channel 56.…
(didn't die, just left)
RT @amylawrence71: Adieu Arsene. It has been some journey. A piece trying to put some perspective on football’s last big relationship. http…
Sad day for slender Frenchmen #wengerout
@nbadrafter Watch the love the guys who drove him out give now. #dt