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Huh. There's no such thing as an ethics waiver to accept plane rides. There's a gift rule that says don't take gift… https://t.co/8ZFMIwbwkp
@ErickFernandez Why doesn’t he just issue a statement that the wall has now been built and that it has retroactivel… https://t.co/pFBtspHwOu
RT @NoahBookbinder: I talked with @AliVelshi about @CREWcrew’s report finding more than 1400 conflicts of interest in the President’s first…
Oof. Missing the words “is” and “when” from that tweet. But I think you get the meaning. Must be Friday at the end of a year-long week.
Congratulations, @harrylitman! Really looking forward to reading your column! Also, one thing I can say about… https://t.co/GWIEKsxrHn
@NSAGov @shmoocon Maybe you shouldn’t joke about spying on America citizens.
@arappeport He’s going to need to disclose that free flight in his annual financial disclosure report next May.
This could have gotten them killed. https://t.co/31vtZb0ALC
“Watch father-in-law!” The high crimes and misdemeanors are happening in plain sight. https://t.co/HuBl98oBP4
Folks, this is an amazing report from CREW’s research team, which is led by @RobertMaguire_. If you have time today… https://t.co/mpN4Jkjh85
@astroehlein @realDonaldTrump He knows his followers are afraid of the ones who don’t look like them.
@jimsciutto I hear the rancher, Imaginary Hank, is an expert in Czech linguistics and regional dialects.
@nobsbbq The rancher’s name is Imaginary Hank. His brother Imaginary Gus is the one who called the right wing propa… https://t.co/ivhX0G62A4
@LibyaLiberty Hend, his tweet is sickening. Absolutely disgusting.
This tweet playing to the deplorable bigotry of many of your followers is a contender to win the prize for your wor… https://t.co/n36Rf6bmcs
— dispatched the Counsel to the President to find out if a secret FISA warrant had been issued regarding his associ… https://t.co/TJtPV2xjfs
— announced withdrawal from Syria without consulting, or telling, the military — is an unindicted coconspirator in… https://t.co/NDOyq7O4LC
— humiliated the U.S. by acting like Putin’s gushing subordinate in Helsinki — has defended Russia against the find… https://t.co/MxOouNyd5r
— refused to take action on 10 findings of Hatch Act violations by his own appointee leading the agency that enforc… https://t.co/nn7YSAX1Xe