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@chicadeees @MtnMD Sara, where is the painting from? It's hanging in my church, and I just love it. But know one kn… https://t.co/Azx5SZWupo
@Paladin5th @thehill Are you the stupidest person on Twitter? Where do you think Native Americans come from? Compar… https://t.co/rOhGUiNjlX
Sorry, @SecNielsen, that was probably confusing. I don’t mean to be unfair. Let me try to put it in terms you’ll un… https://t.co/mvuwgBV3Gy
@thehill This is your border patrol, America.
@dissentingj He knows why. We all know why.
@CKEvans They both count as YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@Hayden_Baldauf Both count!!!
@nandelabra @ezlusztig @RedwoodGirl I hear you. But we’ll be ok if each gives according to ability. For some that i… https://t.co/qD7s0zLOF5
@kathygriffin And Kathy’s right. She really is feckless.
@kathygriffin Some may wring their hands over the naughty words here, but if there was ever a time for naughty word… https://t.co/qT2rIqOkDI
I tell you, we are going to make a major march happen. In the meantime, let’s keep building momentum. We’re within… https://t.co/hdpYxrFZw1
40,000 yes votes. Let’s get this to that goal of 50,000. https://t.co/Gc2Qj949Rg
@Scaramucci I have no beef with you, Anthony. I was reacting to your statement that this is not what POTUS wants. H… https://t.co/94X2OMkp5b