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@steve_vladeck Senator Blutarsky would be proud.
@bamage02 Because the government needs access to their expertise. Because many people in the private sector have se… https://t.co/5SkKyN1hxx
@debhodges1413 Many former govt officials need security clearances for their new jobs. Taking it takes away their l… https://t.co/YKLBMmR8tx
RT @NoahBookbinder: New from @CREWcrew: many special interest groups that patronize the Trump businesses are at the same time lobbying the…
@TheRickWilson The perps are definitely college kids.
@AshaRangappa_ Enjoy your break. It sounds wonderful. I SAID IT SOUNDS WONDERFUL (in case those crickets are still chirping).
@marytomallen Good example. That one sure came back to haunt them.
@bbrUKwildcat @PhilipRucker It's really true. They always wrote Schaub. I used to give them the benefit of the doub… https://t.co/RNa94boqiK
One lesson of these times is how short-sighted people can be. A constant in our history is change. Up today, down t… https://t.co/xu5X3QtNxF
RT @pithywidow: If only there were a separate, co-equal branch of government that could hold such hearings https://t.co/W7gmdrv0ny
Not since Nixon has a president so obviously pursued an "enemies list." Trump is abusing governmental authority to… https://t.co/lqlJLWlWIo
RT @neal_katyal: Just so it’s clear, this is not a list of real security threats. This is Trump’s Enemies List. https://t.co/TT5jWP5KSg
@barbarikon @PhilipRucker Now there's a message I can get behind! Thanks for the inspiration.
@chrbit3 But, yes, the WH ethics official should have refused to implement the NDAs or resigned if necessary. Inste… https://t.co/pfC1L9h0Pn
@chrbit3 The Office of Government Ethics is a federal agency. It's not in the White House. It oversees ethics for t… https://t.co/WXNDl1axy6
@MarkSZaidEsq Wouldn't that be pretty meaningless then? If they mean classified White House material, I doubt he ha… https://t.co/mmTfYBNTYR