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Young people going into govt, this man is an object lesson in ethics: A memo can be deceptive, even if its words ar… https://t.co/gcGpWwOiG8
@brianefallon Seems like both men were motivated by fear of not being liked, one by his staff and one by his boss.… https://t.co/4lATP5kd98
@RJRosenstein Yes, but we're sad that team wasn't America.
Turns out, this might be his actual account. The lack of self-awareness is stunning.
@RJRosenstein I didn't realize this was really his account. That's just sad.
@seungminkim The man wants spikes on a medieval wall, but suddenly it gets real for him when it might impact his shady business.
If this were the real Rosenstein, I'd ask him if he sees irony in uttering such words after begging Trump not to fi… https://t.co/mikgN5qIt7
@jdawsey1 ...and wrote a fraudulent cover memo for the Slow Motion Saturday Night Massacre, participated in writing… https://t.co/sknF4WZHsF
RT @jdawsey1: He begged not to be fired via tweet, citing his decades of service and his reputation — and grew emotional — while seeking…
@Kris_Sacrebleu @thesarahrose I know what I'll be doing every evening this week.
@RJRosenstein Why is a Rod Rosenstein fan page tweeting a link to the Free Beacon website that paid for the Steele… https://t.co/AtZuRmVeh4
@RJRosenstein hahahahahahahahahahahaha! I don't usually respond to parody accounts, but that was good.
@barbaraot @USMSPB It's not the MSPB's fault. The mental gymnasts in the Justice Department's Office of Legal Couns… https://t.co/WllcOLqctU
@USMSPB This line now seems hilariously accurate: "Officials who desire that their organizations run efficiently an… https://t.co/rQikOafdyN
@USMSPB In 2016, @USMSPB warned that "There may be something inherent in higher-level positions that increases the… https://t.co/ucewXwjUPW
@USMSPB In the report, MSPB notes that its sister agency, OSC, has said that even helping someone commit nepotism c… https://t.co/Cj7cBwY4EG
@USMSPB .@USMSPB also gives examples of Feds who were fired for nepotism, noting "These cases illustrate how seriou… https://t.co/FtyVj9ulmN
In 2016 @USMSPB explained the nepotism law was enacted to protect "the public from the risk that less-qualified ind… https://t.co/1tjjS0qF4S
@USMSPB Or, it would be interested to conduct a study to see how many adverse actions in the past two years were ei… https://t.co/NUaL8s5sZy
@USMSPB Or, it would be great if you could do an analysis showing how counter-productive laws "expediting" adverse… https://t.co/8OGhHG4lgT