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When @akshraman and I met a few years ago we soon learned that we had a lot in common including lots of anxiety 😂 a… https://t.co/P607HBfRNl
RT @rosiesrambles: YOOOOO I DIDN'T THINK THIS WAS DROPPING TODAY! 😱 But I guess I can FINALLY tell y'all I'll be writing a Black Panther g…
@JeremyWest Love how you found your way basically back to scholastic haha
@JeremyWest I believe it and am so hype. He was just telling our group chat about it. And that art is too cute
RT @RdotSpoon: HARBOR IS HERE! HAVEN & SANCTUARY are waiting for you too! Sex in the woods, on an orchard and on the literal beach! 💕⛵️📚 ht…
@JeremyWest 🎉🎉🎉 best. Can’t wait to read them
RT @jsamtaylor: Just finished the anthology A PHOENIX FIRST MUST BURN. This. Was. Outstanding. I cannot overstate how amazing every single…
@Bibliogato @keeltyc yeah i started putting lemon in water which helped me bc its so boring lol
@cayla_keenan if you want more humor leverage (& if you want to watch christian kane flip his hair 24/7)...if you w… https://t.co/I6lmHeWWzr
@cayla_keenan i was like wow we have overlapping taste... i guess that makes sense lol. i rewatched leverage and th… https://t.co/gowCetHzoe