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RT @FELlXSTAY: armys please collect yalls dumb fuck 🤡 https://t.co/8Drg2rgAHG
RT @FELlXSTAY: armys please collect yalls dumb fuck 🤡 https://t.co/8Drg2rgAHG
RT @thebkev: JACOB ENDED SUNWOO’S RAP CAREER https://t.co/o29wdFhEJw
RT @tbzroty: petição pro the boyz fazer um chat no whatsapp pra bater papo com os deobis dos países subdesenvolvidos
RT @younghoonisim: Is this Eric ? WHY DOES HE LOOK LIKE COMPUTER GRAPHICS DHHSJSJS https://t.co/wIGmd71EgF
RT @kbizoom: TOP 9 most handsome idols picked by female fans 1. #SEVENTEEN #Vernon (20%) 2. #BTS #V (19%) 3. #NCT #JaeHyun (15%) 4. #WannaO
RT @lcvbae_: Creker seriously needs to hire bodyguards for the boyz whenever they go to the airport or any crowded place that might affect…
RT @yongverses: new nctzens can’t touch taeyong tbh. calling him overrated and shit .. if you kids knew what he went through
RT @the_verivery: [VE:HIND] VERIVERY 리얼리티 티저 촬영 현장 VERIVERY reality teaser shooting on sight ▶️ https://t.co/fK0XawJkZ1 ▶️ https://t.co/61
RT @juyeonleepics: But his side profile in the first two >>> https://t.co/6jwggQzuX4
RT @zhuhaknyeon: Haknyeon: I usually can’t take selfies well so I don’t upload them but I’ll try for once Hak: I’m sorry Hak: I did my best…
RT @ismilejeno: winwin: *stands in the recording studio* winwin: h- SM: https://t.co/AgDr3elFFc
RT @istaykids: olhem a escola e o bairro de onde o felix estudou achei chique inclusive queria https://t.co/Mxi8NBoT6E
RT @xiaowangzinjun: Renjun's last name is Huang (黄) which is yellow in Chinese. Yellow was made for him. 😤💛 https://t.co/omGQNBoTaU
RT @kevintboyz: ー 🐝 #더보이즈 #THEBOYZ #케빈 https://t.co/ufJwbkGhvX
RT @kim_deobi: o médico q a sociedade deseja // o médico q eu desejo https://t.co/LXH9zeiAJA
RT @moonloopz: kevin made a "jenny from the block" reference when a fan called jenny asked tbz to say hi to her https://t.co/bmqqvE9KNO
RT @loopzjacob: jacob stans how we doing https://t.co/JZ7oMkJJP0
RT @theboyzbrasil: [TRAD] Uma fã brasileira (@theboyzmanager) pôde mandar uma pergunta ao Sunwoo em um fansign, disse que era brasileira e…
RT @fromneocity: ah nada me tira da cabeça que replay (PM 01:27) vai ser uma "continuação" de back 2 u (AM 01:27)