wrightmywayout (@wrightmywayout)

@firstbandonmoon if we’d only just subscribe to his patreon he would 😔☝🏽
@iamValC you are neither black nor lgbtq so perhaps don’t speak for either community, valentin.
@Psych_USA @USA_Network pls just bring the show back
@Kehlani lmfaooo miss ma’am please get rest after this i beg of u take care of you mamas
i have a headache and i’m sad
@spideysunwin his second tweet how is he gonna speak for two communities that he is not a part of eye- white men stop talking forever pls
my neck hurts so bad & my spine is tingly
@emoblackthot i got a pinched nerve and i still got my ass up to do it i hope ur proud queen
@Kehlani multitasking muva!!! rest up now ma’am we ready for all this new new
@sapphicridley i love this meme hi drunk nat