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** Today, the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled to keep Chelsea in jail. "I don’t have anything to contribute to t… https://t.co/PKkO81UmMl
** Reminder: Chelsea is still in need of funds for her legal expenses. Please donate if you can, and help spread th… https://t.co/eqY5oMUQHQ
** STATEMENT: Chelsea's legal team responds to today's unsealed indictment. This is further evidence that the gover… https://t.co/2rD8H1jM14
** Chelsea is extremely grateful for everyone's support. While this is a big win, there's still a road ahead to get… https://t.co/u4IkhfHWpH
** UPDATE: After 28 days in so-called "administrative segregation" (solitary confinement), Chelsea has finally been… https://t.co/1hQnwQzrk0
** STATEMENT: Chelsea Manning’s legal team asks Fourth Circuit Court to release @xychelsea, who has now been in jai… https://t.co/Om26fCnMDW
RT @ResistsChelsea: Over the weekend we hit 55k in legal funds! Our ultimate goal is 150k. For this next phase of fundraising, we are askin…
RT @sparrowmedia: Lawyers for Chelsea Manning ask Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals to void charges of civil contempt. https://t.co/Ct6oI40hvg
** Chelsea's support committee demands that Chelsea be immediately released from "administrative segregation" (sol… https://t.co/fE6FnsUmw5
RT @fightfortheftr: STATEMENT: Fight for the Future calls for the immediate release of whistleblower Chelsea Manning, who has been jailed f…
RT @ResistsChelsea: Here is Chelsea’s address: Chelsea Elizabeth Manning William G. Truesdale Adult Detention Center 2001 Mill Road Alexan…
RT @ResistsChelsea: Our statement on the today’s court decision to imprison Chelsea for her brave grand jury resistance — “If Judge Claude…
RT @ResistsChelsea: “This ain’t my first rodeo”, Chelsea told her lawyer before she was confined. Word is that she’s okay, brave as hell. S…
** we will release this information as soon as we have it - please stay tuned https://t.co/3s2lmTQ7Ch
** this account will be run by friends and volunteers until Chelsea is released from jail for further updates on h… https://t.co/RFp3DJRKAs
** Chelsea was taken into custody today for resisting a grand jury in the Eastern District of Virginia Chelsea pro… https://t.co/u6EyNvUxKQ
tomorrow i’m facing a sealed contempt hearing for refusing to testify at a secret grand jury over my 2010 disclosur… https://t.co/7W5rQLTt6s
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