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my jokes and stuff are beyond the show but they’re not beyond the characters.
i’m actually not sure why they developed/presented the characters so thoroughly, cuz it’s not totally necessary - b… https://t.co/q7vG2HJJTP
i keep author intent in mind, to an extent. i mean i don’t feel like author is god, but i do feel like intent matte… https://t.co/vP7OibfCIQ
like yes btb maintains a certain level of simplicity for its child audience, but it’s clearly made with parents in… https://t.co/ml6pBOYuP5
on devart people have commented that my jokes are too sophisticated for btb, and that’s just so weird, it never cro… https://t.co/ROmVHH7ggt
anyway hearing uk!scoop say “good puss” (to pilchard) was a surreal experience to me as an american lol
personally i prefer p*say to some alternatives because it kinda sounds like what it is, vulgar as that truth may be… https://t.co/YCbDqmCl3s
i wonder why americans call p*ssy... p*ssy (censored to avoid p*rn connection) but it’s what english people call ca… https://t.co/MefYzEZeql
@zachdewd like you have a lot of free time? or like a special skill? or a disease? i mean, how much is “a lot”?
@zachdewd what the fuck is a coomer how am i supposed to keep up with all this slang jfc
sparks rarely fade for me, but WOY is kind of weird because i have such a problem with it fundamentally? like i car… https://t.co/JPXIecbw1b
honestly the fact that i haven't done as at least as many beetlejuice fanarts as i have for WOY is kind of a shock,… https://t.co/23HYhJFzFF
honestly i don't think i've ever really gone in on rugrats all grown up yet, so expect that sometime in the future,… https://t.co/4dgNg0O2IV
i'm sure one of these days i'm gonna go back to posting about beetlejuice/blosc/fallout/bendy/hercules but ya know.
i think at one point scoop says the hardware store is his "Favorite Place" whatever that might mean for someone who… https://t.co/kduoUoH3GH
RT @yesterdaysprint: Evelyn Cunningham in the Pittsburgh Courier, Pennsylvania, November 29, 1952 https://t.co/VcEgifma7c
RT @yesterdaysprint: Evelyn Cunningham in the Pittsburgh Courier, Pennsylvania, November 29, 1952 https://t.co/VcEgifma7c
maybe different companies tackle different tasks, and maybe if you're a construction worker you don't really care a… https://t.co/sjiffN6Jox