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2. I posted this because Chelsea tried to say last night was her attempt to crash a party. By all accounts, everyon… https://t.co/hLNoB2mqin
@ErickFernandez You could have just retweeted
This is amazing. Nasrallah is the Secretary General of Hezbollah. He doesn’t even know who he’s talking about and L… https://t.co/2otMcBseRc
Chelsea Manning said she was crashing @Cernovich’s party last night but here’s a picture taken in DC before Christm… https://t.co/XGdzCNQzGF
Caviar is an Iranian word....well not that spelling but it's from the word Kha-vee-yar (phonetic). Caviar has alway… https://t.co/t5e3qvEMIn
Wild sturgeon...from the Iranian side of the Caspian Sea. https://t.co/RmbDI1lxj6
Funny thing is the mother of pearl thing with caviar is a Western invention. This woman is trying to be fancy but t… https://t.co/Mnw2HJj4EX
@DannyPellegrino wait what? I haven't seen the movies but that is disappointing.
2. The fire and fury that soprano @PatriciaPetibon puts into "Der HΓΆlle Rache" is exactly how Mozart intended it...… https://t.co/Al03L3oZnu
RT @Yair_Rosenberg: There seems to be a lot of interest, but also confusion, about Shabbat, government service, and Jared and Ivanka. By re…
@JayCaruso @DanaSchwartzzz agree. even if the person isn't famous. only exception is compliment tweets.
RT @maggieNYT: The rare moment of Schumer speaking to the audience of one https://t.co/EmHlURFylY
RT @DanaSchwartzzz: Guys if I tweet about someone famous don't tag them in the comments like a snitch, what is wrong with you
@michellebhasin You're a great mama. They are so lucky.
RT @michellebhasin: I know this is not the point of the video but who knows where I can get this sweater? https://t.co/P6BopXnOfp
RT @PatrickSvitek: This pic getting thousands of RTs appears to be from last year. The @Statesman has the aerial shots from the march today…
RT @FluffSociety: Owner Story: "Can you keep the water out of me ears, please?" https://t.co/P0KxWqXx9s
RT @landpsychology: This can only mean double trouble https://t.co/9gDbJDvmx4