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RT @Joneisha_: God is still good, even when my life seem so frustrating!! God I will STILL give you the glory and honor. You keeping me saf…
RT @Joneisha_: I’m a witness that God won’t never leave your side. Keep prevailing. Keep pressing towards the Heavenly mark. Greater is HE…
My ass really growing up I’m proud of myself , lmaooo I done came a long way
Been hanging w/ my daddy all day we were at a stop light I look over & he texted my mom “ I know I’m not perfect bu…
RT @__obeykal: You can’t play a person that’s genuinely fucking with you or looking out for you . At that point you’re playing yourself bec…
@Tuttoutthere_ Ima see what I can do bro
@Tuttoutthere_ Nobody said nun bout me being mixed they just be telling me how my shit has grown lol
When everybody compliments your hair 🤩
Getting your hair played in > Top 1 🤧
@Golden_Phrame Lmaoo im bout to come over, I’m finna text you .
@Inhalealex__ Chill lmfaooo 😂
RT @JoelOsteen: God is positioning you so you can carry out His purpose. In the difficult times, you have to trust Him knowing that He’s or…
Y’all be spending y’all money on these hoes ... I could never a bitch ain’t getting shit outta me unless she my gal
I’m so non chalant it’s crazy
Boy at my wedding I’m showing tf out
RT @Golden_Phrame: God got something special planned for me .
I could never ask no female I’m messing with for money ... like who raised y’all that shit weak af
This a whole month difference my boy is huge
This a whole month difference my boy is huge