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RT @zamosta: Dear campaigns who text my cell phone to ask if I will support your candidate: I will not support your candidate.
RT @UltraLinx: How different focal lengths affect your image. https://t.co/DFYTR5mBZ9
@miradu It’s a good product zak
RT @PainPoint: Visualization of Modems Connecting https://t.co/VgIUDziQtT
“Alexa, order 500 rolls of toilet paper” #TweetsYouCantReadAloud
RT @nmoryl: I still don’t understand people who use “Manhattanization” in a derogatory way. Have they ever been to Manhattan? It’s cosmopol…
RT @Stonekettle: I did not know "sleepy eyes" was an anti-Semitic slur. When I was told such here on Twitter, I went and looked it up.…
RT @ThingsWork: This is how sunscreen absorbs UV light on your body (Demonstrated with a UV camera) https://t.co/eE7WV1U68B
@edwardhieatt I love that @robmee still didn't wear a tie
@gmarsh17 @kolovson @zamosta Woh, this is not MY fault, I’m just an innocent bystander.
@xshay @emerose @nathanmccauley @sconover @ebolten A pox on “clever” names.
@pt @sampullara Ah yeah, a bit too far. We’re starting in Santa Clara city proper. We’ll work our way towards you!
@pt @sampullara Where in SC County are you Sam?
RT @stephenjmolloy: Waiter: How did you find your meal, sir? Me: Yeah, it was nice. Waiter: That's not what I meant and you know it. Me:…
RT @AdamPosen: Great insightful writing by @adamdavidson Michael Cohen and the End Stage of the Trump Presidency https://t.co/MKVmlRXmXZ
RT @fmanjoo: A lot of people listened to Slow Burn when it first came out, but because everything gets drowned out these days, I don't thin…
RT @fmanjoo: This story is really well done and the data in is solid https://t.co/OVSuEL1qHP
@owenbjennings 100 miles is a lot. Better make it two croissants.