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RT @BobbyBigWheel: The Democrats who need money the most right now are in state legislative races. That's why @SeanMcElwee and I are askin…
@Jamesco @commonnet Oof, I’m sorry James. We had a backup of a months work of texts and they all went out at the same time.
RT @StanLewis_: Party Rock Anthem has the same bpm as Uptown Girl https://t.co/vt7B1mQIqA
@kevinweil @pandemona Thank you for your servers
@emerose Were you “traveling” at the time?
At this point I’m mostly made of @starbucks PB&J boxes https://t.co/kczOe0ujPK
@pm Pics or it didn’t happen
RT @matt_levine: So i just reread, at @Dutch_Book’s instigation, “Diary of a Very Bad Year” by @keithgessen and an anonymous hedge fund man…
RT @JLCauvin: Ronan Farrow is Omar to rich, old white men
@qntm Congratulations!
RT @SketchesbyBoze: ROALD DAHL: so, this book is about a chocolate factory— PUBLISHER: and it’s magic? DAHL: no, it murders children PUB…
@eringriffith Hooray! Welcome!
RT @Popehat: [At a naturalization hearing] Immigration Judge [going through checklist]: Mr. Giuliani, does your client advocate the overt…
This is performance art https://t.co/z1rnAPtriQ
@smcbride Thanks!
@miradu @gregmarra Software is not the answer. Software is terrible.
@miradu @gregmarra Michael. No.
RT @FierceWireless: . @commonnet from @z currently covers 70,000 people in the Bay Area with its 802.11-based wireless network running in t…
Blows my mind that conspiracy theorists were right about there being a massive pedophilia cult hiding in plain sigh… https://t.co/PL9qF2yf31