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It’s brilliant really, because those were the fat cats I really wanted to stick it to: cafes and corner shops https://t.co/YcQlhFkVUp
@edujdw Lol I’d already forgotten tweeting that & thought you were just telling me to lose weight
Here I am, keeping my eye on the big issues of the day. What would you do if you gave up butter? https://t.co/xUaLMpvgxl
Then I accidentally tuned in to Mondays #r4Today prog, to hear Hugo Vickery defend Prince Andrew's association with… https://t.co/2PYHiBO1tS
@itsmikelike @SightSoundmag Congratulations! This is a great appointment
Good grief: Dorothy Byrne tactfully points out #r4today is chummy, & they bring David Davies *back on* to guffaw about how hilarious that is
The only thing I'd say against the Spoons is that when you order on the app, you wake up to find an email receipt f… https://t.co/Bc87ZCayK3
I despise Tim Martin and every rapacious, Brexitty thing he stands for, but the Ramsgate Spoons is like the goddam… https://t.co/szXP7PhKDq
@ProfDaveAndress Misread that for ‘a-coming’ and thought, this really is rock bottom
Controversial view: YouTube gamer relationships are worse gender role modelling than all the porn that has ever been made put together
@mthr_jo The difference is that she’s not some rage ball on twitter, or even a noted affiliate, she’s the actual leader of the actual party
It’s like my 11yo trying to teach me Fortnite. ‘No... he’s on your team. Don’t kill him.’ ‘Grunt. Who I kill?’ ‘Kill nobody. Try to build’
Mmhmm. Swinson really needs to dial it down with the labour hate. It’s making her look like she doesn’t understand… https://t.co/f2J83IBe6M