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I mean, the oldest is in college and the youngest is in second grade #AntiquesRoadshow
And in terms of insurance, you would probably insure it for around $40,000 #AntiquesRoadshow
And Lincoln was nominated in May 1860, which you can see it says right up here, and this would have come out very s…
All Rolex watches are made in Geneva, Switzerland #AntiquesRoadshow
And a very complex interwoven pattern likely incorporating dragons, fantastic animals weaving in and out in this ki…
Now, they were minted in three sizes: a two-inch, a two-and-a- half-inch, and a three-inch #AntiquesRoadshow
And then here's photos of him wearing it #AntiquesRoadshow
I thought it was 1943, but '44, '45 would be about right #AntiquesRoadshow
Well, if you take the material here and you take a steel tool, you leave a mark #AntiquesRoadshow