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RT @NFLSTROUD: Tom Brady on Let’s Go pod “Playing football I get so much joy from.  I love it.  But not playing football, there's a lot of…
Vocês acham mesmo que Brady vai se aposentar sem ter ganho PELO MENOS UM jogo de temporada regular contra os Saints jogando pelos Bucs???
Will Tom Brady call it quits? 🤔 @tomecurran breaks down the chances the quarterback retires ⬇️
@SFY @marcelluswiley im baffled at this take. happened to mahomes 3 years ago and brady got nothing but praise for it.
@undisputed @RealSkipBayless Only when Brady loses this old man finds the injury report list.
Now here me out…. Aaron Rodgers replaces Brady in Tampa
@impxct_ay @soinlur @AussieAntics @HazThaGreat I want looking for sympathy, I was pissed because Brady just lost hi…
Questions surround futures of Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady after early playoff exits
@metheridge @Chiefs Was an amazing game!!! Glad your team won!! Tom Brady has had enough wins!
RT @RealSkipBayless: Mahomes should be thankful he doesn't have to deal with Brady this time.
RT @NFLSTROUD: Tom Brady on his Let’s Go podcast about his wife and family and football. “It pains her to see me get hit out there.  And sh…
Ben retiring, Rodgers possibly retiring, and Brady possibly retiring. Truly may be an end of an era. I’m not looking forward to this