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@bigmarv75 @Mike_NYY Mitchell Trubisky is at least a legitimate opinion. Even if it’s just as a bridge to get to th…
@allycollummusic Bryce Young to the Titans in 2023 👀
RT @brooks_english: Jimmy G has been watching Bryce young tape
Garrapolo with the Bryce Young move! #SFvsGB
Jimmy G with the Bryce Young flip
Jimmy channeling his inner Bryce young
Jimmy G has been watching Bryce young tape
@NotJShocks7 4-13 for bryce young 😁
@_MrWilliams @OmarKelly us back then we can do what the Rams did and try to get a veteran to for a few years and ch…
@cries_mary QB Bryce Young gets nearly $1M in endorsement deals at Bama. Where is the equally competitive recruiting with that logic?🤔
@btsteelcurtain Nope. Steelers will suck next year. Draft Bryce Young or CJ Stroud in 2023 and be right back in it.
@MikeMiracles Tank for Bryce Young, give Henry 600 carries
@Lionelsthe1 Actual Giants fans won’t. We want what’s best for the team, not what makes us sound right. A decent O-…