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@Vintage_Chiefs On Alex Smith, no less 🤣😂🤷🏼‍♂️
@ChargersWin2022 This is very Plausible. Rams, Chiefs, Bolts, Donkeys and either 49ers/Cheifs(Both will be Home Games) as the last loss.
@Kai_Chiefs I mean I have no idea how good (or if) he’ll play but personally I was a believer back in the day
International defence chiefs to discuss coordination of military aid for #Ukraine, says U.S. Defence Secretary Lloy…
RT @nflrums: One offseason move in the #NFL offseason that still blows my mind is the #Chiefs trading Tyreek Hill to the #Dolphins
RT @Mike_Fabricant: IAN AUSTIN: Why won't Keir condemn the rail union chiefs plotting to sabotage the Platinum Jubilee?
RT @Councillorsuzie: Please read this article - very worrying that these people can bring our economy to its knees. There should be a compl…
RT @Jim_Jordan: Unacceptable. Support our great Ohio police families!
@GuysSnacks Made 3 hour trip from Omaha to KC for the weekend and had to load up for a summer of snacking with all…
Red Bull F1 win. Leclerc's Ferrari blowing up when in the lead. Man City winning the league. Spurs getting 4th. Di…
RT @Jim_Jordan: Unacceptable. Support our great Ohio police families!
RT @texun007: 英国防部长们受抨击,每年为空房支付3380万英镑 国防部因每年为可用于容纳乌克兰难民的8,704处空置房产支付巨额租金而受到抨击,这笔钱可购买乌克兰军队使用的1,133枚NLAW反坦克导弹,另外每年维护费为400万英镑。