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@Jacob_Barden She's the bint that sells masks ain't she? Hahaha
@Jacob_Barden They're never happy mate. If it was up them we'd never laugh. I call them wokeflakes
@Jacob_Barden @Pu55yMan_Dan Good one isn't it because it's self-deprecating and you can tell it to your nan. I worr…
@chowdhryzan123 @Jacob_Barden It's fine it's first warning for a reason. I'm a forgiving and fair guy!
@Pu55yMan_Dan @Jacob_Barden Sorry thought I was making a funny joke but since realized it was not actually very funny.
@Pu55yMan_Dan @Jacob_Barden But you said “last Saturday” which implies that it was in fact the Saturday just gone.…
@Jacob_Barden Great joke what they don't know is that this could have been any Saturday night
@Jacob_Barden @Pu55yMan_Dan She might be able to but she clearly didn’t want to be in the picture as she’s sorting…