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5. Trey Hendrickson 💪 4. Quenton Spain 🇪🇸 3. Mike Hilton 🏈 2. Evan McPherson 🦵 1. Joe Burrow 🥶
I miss Evan McPherson
You and I are both yankee fans but Donaldson pressed after Anderson expressed offense. Imagine saying you want to b…
@AndStillAnnoyed @McPherson_Evan He was super nice! I have a video I’m going to post soon.
@Brit_King1 @McPherson_Evan That’s cool I bet he was really nice!
@AndStillAnnoyed @McPherson_Evan Yes! He had an event this weekend at CEI. My son is a kicker- so we couldn’t miss the opportunity!
@Brit_King1 @McPherson_Evan Oh wow already signed ???
@AndStillAnnoyed @McPherson_Evan Picked it up at the pro shop last week!
@Brit_King1 Where did you get @McPherson_Evan jersey from? I can’t find one anywhere!
@Brit_King1 Mcpherson is better at his position than burrow and chase are at theirs. And burrow and chase are both great. Evan is elite
RT @Brit_King1: Levi (the little kicker) got to meet @McPherson_Evan. He hasn’t stopped talking about how awesome it was! So excited-Thanks…
@McPherson_Evan has big kick energy