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@VinYoung11 Kita taka gina huya ong ko magsapak
@AUSOlympicTeam Gina buying more influence I see? It doesn’t matter, she’s still a terrible person.
RT @CluverAtreides: Evangeline Lilly is to Paul Rudd what Gina Carano is to Pedro Pascal
RT @Will_Be_Fishing: @AUSOlympicTeam Yeah this is absolutely a shit thing to do. Gina is trying to rort the country for anything she can, w…
RT @ALYSSAFAN13: Kaloka na dalawa gina gamit ko na tp bat pa ksi nag sabay ang team solid seham at team zacham pati ako naloka. Pero versat…
@gina_vjugina Tu strādā par būvuzraugu?
RT @annschof_ann: @AUSOlympicTeam Is this why Gina got her ‘award’? The Olympics corruptly seeking sucker cities to exploit and discard so…
bisag unsa basta makaon sa ref gina hinay hinayan nakog kaon ahak i dont like being anxious
@Alexand95306070 @gina_b1989 Sunbeam 🤣🤣🤣🖕
@Gina_L_Maxwell I write to Nickleback too LOL you're not on your own 🙂 xx
@gina_emmanuel Make you folo back, so we go dey flow, na de level be that.
@fairy6y6 ホットケーキまん 今度買ってみる(*・ノェ・)コッソリ
RT @KieranPender: In recent months, I have been investigating Gina Rinehart's growing ties to Australian sport & the tension between athlet…