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My glass shop business got a call at 7am from the owner of this Golden Corral. Apparently someone broke in and stol…
Currently shitting in a golden corral bathroom
@Sadcarl_ @cypress_soul the nostalgic feeling of seeing lil snot nosed kids stick they fingers in the Golden Corral chocolate fountain 🥰🥰🥰
Getting ostracized in golden corral for putting a hard boiled egg in the chocolate fountain
@a_nabananaa mine said GOLDEN CORRAL
It’s the fact that we’re at Golden Corral because that’s my dads favorite restaurant 🥴🤢😭
I’m drunk and this Golden Corral bouta bust
@_PrettyTreSweet Yessssss I love Golden Corral brunch special 😂😂😂
@ricon4sty he would stay inside the buffet for hours so can he eat both lunch and dinner and pay the price of one 😭…
Hanging out with Daddy for Fathers Day! #WeAreTheMcIntyres‼️💙🙏🏽👍🏽💪🏽🔥 @ Golden Corral Buffet & Grill
@FQArkansas I heard Tenn fans sold out the Golden Corral in Omaha…. Got mad when they ran out of butter
I had no idea Golden Corral was back open.
I had no idea Golden Corral was back open.
@envy_anne Golden Corral?
@envy_anne Golden Corral?