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@ConquerBlog1 Facts. “Slay the dragon from within” as Jordan Peterson would say.
fanfiction of Jordan Peterson x the communist art he keeps on his wall (enemies to lovers arc)
RT @AdamBrimson: @pauljunker Didnt Jordan Peterson say something like: "Want to change the world? Clean your damn room, man!"
The State is literally their father. Going to go watch some Jordan Peterson videos
Great write-up by @petesalmon. Particularly relevant seeing as how so many of you are proponents of the Jordan Pete…
@jedijeff13 @IwriteOK None about the proud boys or anything. There is a series about the Portland protests, an epis…
RT @NenadGlucks: @all4_one4all A to si pozabila, kaj je rekel Jordan Peterson, potem, ko ga je intervjuvala Kožarjeva? She is a leftie and…
The Scary Truth About Success & Wealth Distribution - Jordan Peterson Mo... via @YouTube