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@aserious49erfan Good morning, girl! Go Niners! ❤💛
Es con todo equipo GGGGGGOOOOOOOO NINERS 🤘🏼🏈🏈🤘🏼
@BSSportsbook @BarstoolBigCat Take the Niners out of there I would’ve bet it
The Niners need this consistent weapon on offense, as you’ve mentioned on Locked on 49ers regarding @tae15adams
Man U Niners F1 Warriors 7 hours commercial free football Let’s have a day.
@Carnegro Forgot Derby D’Italia at 11:45, as well. At least the Niners have the Sunday night game!
@Cabbie Colts 27 - Niners 30
I’m rolling with Colts over Niners, because those greedy fucks would’ve never made it out to the west coast without…
@kellyinvegas @BSSportsbook Hard to trust Wentz as well as he’s playing, but the Niners hard to trust in general ri…