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@uilsep Pior que isso era pra responder um tweet de um cara falando do rony, mas saiu como tweet normal
RT @JinCrave: Just a few of Seokjin's nicknames i.e. the million times he went viral. Listen to #Yours_Jin the best OST of 2021 and #Supe
Hello @OnAirRomeo! Can you please play #BTS_Butter (@BTS_twt ) on @MostRequestLive? It would make this Saturday nig…
RT @RoxanaSaabK: 📉 Billboard Hot Trending Songs Chart - Last 24 hours : 12. JIN - Yours 13. JIN - Super Tuna Let's increase the mentions s…
RT @92fuzzy92: I ARMY Asian ARMY need rest its up to us to increase the gap. Keep tagging! #BTS_Butter is my hype song! #BTS @BTS_twt