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RT @a_duckett: Silas is walking like my grandpa after he gave us a whoopin
@Naija_PR It is never a do or die thing.
RT @writelikeryan: The fact that I never knew that the NBA drafted a woman. And that she was Black. Until she died.
@jwhoopes2 @AccountableGOP @KariLake AND is responsible for 1/3 of the Supreme Court.
Se você for capaz de adorar, a prova vai passar. O louvor move o céu E as cadeias também podem quebrar Mesmo na do…
As the episode starts, Danny and Carmilla comfort the Chair of the Silas Board
@andrewsniiq @1RealKayPee He did his part off scene. We went further, semi finals I think. Probably we were meant to exit in group stages
RT @thatguydenna: Laptop in nursery and a wheelbarrow after University!!! Kweli ni bottom up!!!
quando eu escuto polisenso, lembro do silas automaticamente
@L3itadas_l03n_ Pelo que vi ...o broxonaro iria recuar não fosse o Silas e mais uns aí enquadrar ...sem chance ...iria dar merda
@kyorigfs silas arkielle
RT @AfricaNewsKE: The International Criminal Court, ICC, issues a statement raising an alarm over recent political statements and violence…