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@oclem12 My dislike for Sophie Cunningham alone is enough to make me want this
@JamCristopher Between him and Sophie Cunningham I'm wondering if there's some really talented maga shooting coach
Sophie Cunningham: Plays 25 minutes off bench -
I’m kinda for Sophie Cunningham going to Dallas wings like that’s a team with her that will probably make it so far next year
Sophie Cunningham really became the Ty Lue of the WNBA.
Sophie Cunningham said her hair looked good in that meme 🥴 she a mf lie that Shìt look like dryer lint 🤮
i can’t get sophie cunningham saying her hair looked nice out of my brain
The pic of Kahleah Copper in the face of Sophie Cunningham sure does reveal the racist in a number of White people!
I want a black Sophie cunningham jersey 🔥🔥
@MIZKCISBACK Bro y’all suck just as bad as at football. Sophie Cunningham ain’t walking through that door. Go ahead…
RT @samreis99: Sophie Cunningham saying she woulda been thrown if she did what Kah did it’s the most bullsh*t thing I’ve heard in so long.…
Tell me how Sophie Cunningham went from barley playing any minutes in beginning of the season to coming back after…
Grayson Allen 🤝 Sophie Cunningham.
@thesarahkelly @Khristina2334 @sophaller Winner, she was almost choking Sophie Cunningham. That was a dirty tactic.
RT @CWilliamson44: Per @Khristina2334 Sophie Cunningham said Kahleah knows what happened(on that meme play ) and she put her arms around my…