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RT @nanohana_tom2: シェア〜🎶繋ぎま〜す🍨🍨 さすがリアコ製造機!こんな笑顔しちゃうのね💜 #OCTPATH @OCTPATHofficial #OCTPATH_Perfect #Perfect Perfect / Wild / 雨 https:/…
RT @viennatho: My first spotify self release came out today! Worked on it with @Diamondgg! You can check it out here:
RT @StrayKidsGlobal: Stray Kids <NOEASY> Album has surpassed 400,000,000 (400 Million) streams on Spotify! 🎉 #NOEASY_400MonSpotify [272 Da…
RT @moon_subchann: たくさんシェアしていこー!🤜🏻 #OCTPATH @OCTPATHofficial #OCTPATH_Perfect #Perfect Perfect / Wild /
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RT @crazylovelili: 27 replies for lisa! I'm listening to the second fastest song by a K-pop solo act to reach 200M streams on Spotify #LAL
RT @JJgabyy_: Meu Spotify parou, vou ter que ir escutar Lil Peep ao vivo
RT @han7rt: さすがリアコ。かっこいいね! #OCTPATH #OCTPATH_Perfect #Perfect @OCTPATHofficial IT'S A BOP/Perfect/Wild/雨
@franceinfo Hé écoutez ma chanson préférée, j'espère qu'elle vous plaira. belle énergie pour toi
RT @btschartplays: Spotify's Highest Gainers in Followers on May 21st 1.Arijit Singh 48M (+81.372) 2.Harry Styles 20M (+72.106) 3.Billie E…
RT @maclarmy_17: — 🔎 2DA DINÁMICA Resuelve el puzzle/crucigrama, pistas : ⬇️ Vertical 1. Outro..... 3 ..... Tig... 5. 1er Win BTS 6. .…
@Chica05_ Pues llevan desde 2019. Esta canción de ella es para él, de su historia 💖