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@NJDevilsGameBot Lines for the #NJDevils - (via @DailyFaceoff) Forwards: Sharangovich - Hughes - Palmieri Johnsson…
@trevor_irving @Habz21 @mckennaconor You love Subban and you’re still bitter. We get it.
@jacktodd46 Looks like a young Chelios but with Subban enthusiasm. The best of both.
PK Subban just caught Tyler Seguin messing with Jamie Benn's superstitious warmup routine with Patrick Marleau. He joined in.
@SebHarrison Il a un meilleur IQ hockey mais Subban avait plus de skills ça c’est sûr
RT @mckennaconor: Early days yet, but looks like reports of PK Subban's demise as a star in the NHL may have been premature.
@TerryTam Paul Pogba is the new Pk Subban. They are always flashy, but decide they will play for a few games, then…
@mckennaconor I prefer Weber. Subban is too distracted, and you can get his production for less than 9 million.
@TheRealVinny29 I only would get frustrated when Subban wanted to play offensive superstar and would make a stupid play overall I liked him.
@elly71 @TheGildedJester @GoldenKnights Malcolm Subban is probably thinking at that moment, “i lost my job to him??…
@theonlyone987 Lankinen and Delia will get more looks. Subban has always been viewed expansion bait I feel with this team
Ryan Getzlaf got in an argument with Miro Heiskanen over who's hotter. It's obviously PK Subban.
Est-ce que Romanov est meilleur que Subban était à ses débuts ?
RT @PrimeHPI: As we move from the peak of the 2nd surge of the COVID-19 please be vigilant and keep safe! Message from Prime's Doctor Dr Ke…
Oooo Subban haters are gonna roast Flower for this one. ... right?? 5-2 #GoKnightsGo #VegasBorn #GoldenKnights