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RT @GuidoFawkes: EXCLUSIVE: Starmer’s Shadow Environment Minister, Sue Hayman, Works for Lobbying Firm https://t.c
@Flomoll I'm a terrible cook, but I like watching cooking videos! Sue is going in for a hernia type surgery tomorro…
A lawyer-turned cook is a sue chef.
@MonjaDuda Bell Pottinger were part of Rolf Harris' defence team. So was Sue Cook. She went on to amplify Johnson a…
I started writing a movie treatment on this a few years back where a divorced woman tries to sue her ex-husband who…
@SimonJeremyMil1 @KerryDaynes Hey Magus, Sue Cook hasn't been announced as a speaker.
Let cook now before I get lazy😭
@AndyHa_ Sue Cook is bigger than Barcelona. I won’t have anyone tell me anything different.
@ian_radioguy Sue Cook has pulled out 😳
@NoelRock Sue Cook has pulled out.
I might as well say this now, Sue Cook has pulled out. So if anyone wants to leave, then please, now’s the time. #europeansuperleague