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RT @pakatippiyalang: ชอบคำพูดของนางเอกใน The conjuring 2 นางเอกเห็นผีตั้งแต่เด็ก...นางเอกพูดกับเด็กผู้หญิงว่าฉันทรมารกับตัวเองอยู่หลายปีไม่…
Can’t wait for this new #conjuring movie!! #amc with the recliners it is!!!
I gotta see the conjuring 4 😩
RT @HorrorNews: DC Comics seems to be fully embracing the horror genre–following up on its The Conjuring: The Lover series with another for…
@Deeeji @Mzgreycee1 @jeffreyTK @Iam_richy @jagga_man @Zen_firee Exactly my point. You have no facts as regards to t…
The origins of Solomonic magic can be seen in the Greek Magical Papyri The names of gods, conjuring of spirit assi…
Where are they getting the money for to keep making movies in the conjuring universe? Who is keeping that franchise alive? ENOUGH!
@_Calypsc The conjuring on Netflix
who’s gonna come see the conjuring w me 🙄
@SeventeenthMay Dm khác đ gì mấy phim ma kiểu incidious, the conjuring không... cái nhà nó u ám y chang
RT @azkadiggory: lorraine warren and sister irene - the conjuring universe