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@C22054041 @AP Casting someone for a movie does not equal passing judgment on one's character. Is Tim Allen actuall…
"Harghhuagh hargh" - Tim Allen
"Roighhargh. Huagh augh hoghugh" - Tim Allen
@ChargeKick @JohnWinterDay Wild Hogs bc of the shitty Tim Allen movie is my pref
Just read Tim Allen has a warehouse to house his car collection. Ah the free market... snitch on the bigger fish an…
"Hoh hohharghhargh, augh hhhugh hoh hoh hoh hoh ughugh haugh" - Tim Allen
"Ughhargh" - Tim Allen
@dylanflavored Tim Allen didn’t fake it
"Rughurrroigh" - Tim Allen
"Arghharghrgh urghurrroigh harghhhh arrrrugh urgh... Ugh ugghh, ugh arg" - Tim Allen
"Aughhogh urgh arrrrugh rughugh" - Tim Allen
"Oughurghrgh rugharrgh" - Tim Allen