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RT @grantmcauley: The Huascar Ynoa of the American League.
With Amex and that discount running I got my authentic Ynoa jersey for $260
RT @TrentD1313: I’m going to enjoy watching Huascar Ynoa & Shohei Ohtani in the finals of the home run derby and then watching them start t…
Michael Ynoa has begun attending Loyola to complete a degree in communications. #WhiteSox
@ynoa_jordan :0 nice im hoping to get a good shadow price by the end of this season
RT @PitchingNinja: Huascar Ynoa. Vice President, 'Pitchers who Rake club' (Grand Slam/2nd HR this year)
PeraltaとWoodruffとの対戦終わったと思ったら次Ian AndersonとYnoaの対戦来るの嫌すぎるなと。