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RT @cliptress: Check out @smellyzz's video "Alyssa's Sweaty Nyloned Feet - (Full HD 1080p Version)" at Cliptress: 🔗
라비포로스. 잘 가렴 반덴버그. (너에게 마지막 한 방을 갈겼다.)
@vsvivian_l @fionawoods46 @sandibachom Found the FACT I was looking for so came back. If you ignore the fact, I’m done.
Mom just made me try grits for the first time. Not terrible but that’s all y’all getting outta me
RT @CJBonifer13: A list of things that make no sense: The algorithm Shopping tab Reels (we get it you want to compete with tik tok, but c…
RT @CarlHigbie: Paging ⁦@Alyssa_Milano⁩... did you weigh in on ⁦@NYGovCuomo⁩? I must have missed it...
Lord bigyan mopo ako ng sign. Pls lord I need u. 🙏🙏🙏
@alyssa_noelle9 @fionawoods46 @sandibachom I thought you tweeted you were done. In life people will not always agree with you, take care.
私、恥ずかしいと思ったことはないよ? …みんなが怖がるから言えないだけ。