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@JosiahScott7 welcome to the NEST!!! Get a hold of @BrianDawkins and @Ike58Reese and you will be fine in this town.…
@LaBar31 @BrianDawkins That thing is sick! Nice find!
@Majorleaguemadd I have to add that my favorite is my @BrianDawkins autographed jersey.
@MarksReeseWIP @Ike58Reese and @BrianDawkins at Chickie & Pete’s near the Linc during lunch hour but was too nervous to approach them
@LaBar31 @BrianDawkins You are so lucky. He is someone I truly admire and meeting him must be a special moment.
@BrianDawkins If I send you a helmet would you sign me one too ?🥺🥺haha
RT @NFLFilms: "He's the best open-field tackler I've ever seen." @BrianDawkins was a FORCE to be reckoned with once he ran out of the tunn…
@sharkmania21 @BrianDawkins You can spot those things from a mile away
@LaBar31 @BrianDawkins That's a sweet helmet and signature!!