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@dbrereton @editor_Maguire Well they’re much funnier that Chris’s so called jokes. Mind you that wouldn’t be hard!!! 😀
@editor_Maguire They're not my jokes Chris, just ones that I think fit neatly into your roster @mrgordonburns
@chris_roberts96 @GaryBla53098881 @john_reese92 @talkSPORT United spending 80mill on Maguire says it all about driving up transfer fees.
RT @getFANDOM: Tobey Maguire & Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man films are coming to Disney+ 👀
@ManyalaIzMe @SkySportsPL 😂Maguire did it after Hendo? Would love to see Maguire lead you to a final tho
RT @TukaLetura: Harry Maguire has now won an aerial duel against Chris WOOD WestWOOD WOODward
@ueue_chris @SkySportsPL You've not heard what Maguire did at the camp? Anyway, that shouting merchant gotta do sth…
RT @MustaphaOlatu19: Covid19 Vaccines comedy skit😂: Moderna, Pfizer, Astrazeneca & Johnson and Johnson Show up for Interview🤣. #SecureIkoy