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@maroon5 @theestallion @AppleMusic VERY cool song...but.mnothing will beat #GirlsLikeYou.. one of the catchiest mel…
Not yall bashing maroon 5 and praising Megan 😂😂😂 lmaoo Anyways #BeautifulMistakes is out, yall better make this a…
I swear my cousin asking me shit knowing ima answer ignorantly lmao
The next time I make it to the 200 club I better be with child.
This time last year I was 30lbs lighter and getting my abs back.
Even though I’m weak as hell and have no stamina, it really feels good to be back in the gym again.
@JLEWIS252 My next exam isn’t due until like Sept and mine didn’t change so I’d assume I’m ready. Haven’t done any…
@girlslikeYOU__ I have to wait until my next eye exam to see, if my eyes didn’t change I can go ahead and get it scheduled 🤞🏾 wbu?
@JLEWIS252 🥴🥴 When you getting yours👀
@girlslikeYOU__ That’s a risk I’ll be willing to take for better vision right now. I’ll worry abt that in 10yrs Lmaoo
@JLEWIS252 I’m worried about getting it then 10 years later my vision getting worse😭
It is no surprise that the most iconic @maroon5 collaborations are with these incredible women of pop 😍 Not only di…
LASIK eye surgery or other new glasses. Lol