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Vietri sul Mare: An Amalfi Coast treasure to behold... Colorful towns that cling to cliffs, restaurants that offer…
Campania water buffalo milk authentic Mozzarella di Bufala cheese. Caprese salad lunch:
For ambitious travelers, things to do along the Amalfi Coast #ItalianTourism
Pompeii on the bay of Naples is fascinating look at life in Italy 2000 years ago: #Italy
Pizza Margherita Naples classic served first for Margherita, wife of Italy's King Umberto:
Torre del Greco between Naples & Pompeii artists design coral, red gold, into jewelery:
Frittata di spaghetti 3000 yr. old authentic Campania torta recipe #Italy #Cooking #Travel
Rome, Capri, Sorrento 10-day itinerary Rome and Southern Italy. Click trip itinerary
@ahmedhankir I love these photos--keep them coming! also, @ItalyTravel should be giving you some kind of stipend, o…
2000 feet above the Amalfi Coast be sure to savor the views from Ravello #ItalianTourism #ItalyTourPackages
Amalfi Coast vacation to island of Ischia. Romantic and relaxing... click #ItalianTourism
Pompeii across Bay of Naples from Naples on the Sorrentine Peninsula a southern Italy must see when visiting southe…
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