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@DaveEast makes me reminiscent of @NipseyHussle. I see myself when i bumb his music.
@NipseyHussle -we just having fun >>>>
@jamaalobanner @BishopPMorton I really wish that black would put down the Guns and pick up a book go to…
Pacman da Gunman, Nipsey Hussle, Mozzy - Zero Tolerance (Official Lyric ... via @YouTube
“It’s lonely In this game all my homies Is In Pain” @NipseyHussle
I Am Listening To The Legendary! @NipseyHussle 🎤🎧🎼🎹🇨🇦🍁Victory Lap In Full Like It Was 2018 All Over Again! R.I.P. Neighborhood Nip
I Bet My Life I’m A 🎲 Shaker…But You’ll Be Lame All Of Your Life Hater🎯 #NipseyHussle 🏁🏁♿️♿️♿️ #LocsDoItLikeThis 👈🏽…