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Can someone check up on @ScottDisick , since @kourtneykardash's he hasnt been much active. I am worried like genuinely
#ScottDisick will never change !
@ScottDisick stay away from the 20 year olds
@ScottDisick bro you and you ex have been done for years why you stressing? Lmao you look ridiculous 🤡….
@shhaanndda @ScottDisick So dating a grown adult 20 or above is considered pedophilia? 🤔 Doesn’t make since to me 🤷🏾‍♂️
Everyone so worried about @ScottDisick but no one cared when he was practically dating a child. Who cares if she wa…
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#ScottDisick dates 20 year olds because they won’t expect the commitment he’s holding out for with #KourtneyKardashian