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The Turnover Chain is one of the best???
@ATL_boomer1990 Turnover chain rules
@ATL_boomer1990 @ZachJohnsonPGA Miami's turnover chain is the most disrespectful tradition in any sport. Hard to be…
@TyreseHunterSZN fair to me the turnover chain isnt even top 5 bc its just developed into so many knock offs
Turnover Chain the greatest thing to happen to CFB to celebrate defense now everybody gotta copy of it 🤷🏾‍♂️
@JediASU They did get the Miami turnover chain right, though.
@SteveKenitz Turnover Chain is one of the best
@ATL_boomer1990 Turnover chain is 🔥.
@iii_sisk @AllAubarn @Skeedap @ATL_boomer1990 The turnover chain also started 3 years ago
@ATL_boomer1990 Turnover chain is number one but on the wrong list
@ATL_boomer1990 1. The 12th Man is the greatest tradition 2. The turnover chain is cool and modern 3. Tech’s tortil…
@RobTheSlapper Whoever made this list is tripping. How is the turnover chain the worst? Tech’s tortillas is by far…
@villavin32 The Turnover Chain was good as hell before other teams started copying it.
Isto está muito mau, a Turnover Chain é só das coisas mais icónicas O Gator Chomo, Cowbells e o Go Blue não podem e…
@huntercarroll__ True. Also don’t understand the beef with the turnover chain