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@Jimmilaw @dconnick3 Show some respect and give him his full name which is Willo Sócrates Brasileiro Sampaio de Sou…
@Samburns90 @dconnick3 What about willo flood😂
@Jordongray17 @RyanStevenF @ryan_faull1 @davidtraill14 Also Mark needs to be in the middle emulating his hero, Willo Flood.
Still thinking about how Willo Flood played one (1) good game against Celtic, so we bought him and nobody ever saw him again.
@WWESPFL Bro willo flood is free right now to sign they won’t expect it bro pass to paradise will double
@leeroyfridgeman @StoniePDmcfc Bruno is minus pens is willo flood
@AdR_Kondogbia @DxnielM__ @srico1x Respec Willo Flood.
@grandadsblue Fucking hell Willo Flood
@warrenmcfc Bar anythin from a dead ball he’s just a willo flood
@owainroderick1 I remember seeing Mason in 98, I thought he was going to be a star, thought the same about Willo Flood and Vlad Weiss.
@seanie_bhoy The worst transfer window since the willo flood window. With the exception of Turnbull. Criminal waste…
@raymondwhite82 @AnthonyRJoseph This guy gave us mowbray Lennon x2 Strachan refused to pay extra 200k for McCarthy,…
@CeltiCRab19671 @weeseabee @AidoM67 Aye mate he should have been out the door years ago, Fletcher would have been t…