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@DragoSoriano @DamonTime Messi, maradona are literally miles clear of ronaldo fyi
@Cracker_Jaker @MessiIizer Lmao ronaldos pr working overtime dfkmm😭.. Mans getting cooked in his own page on insta
@AestheticFooty Xavi was the best player that match by a distance tho
@VegetaLLF @MessixEra @BayernLM10 @ilppix @amitrmfc No I already realised u have shambolic ball knowledge when u de… https://t.co/oNPSKrUzpZ
@Ces37976169 @messi_eibar @ColombianoDan @Alcarrer721 @ZISPECIALONE__ That shameless mug blocked me cuz I bodied him multiple times lmao
@blxckwolfMUFC @BREEZY6648 @footycoke @UTDTrey Lmao can y'all ronaldo fans even read or were u ppl never educated?… https://t.co/jEiOxu4iCn
@VegetaLLF @MessixEra @BayernLM10 @ilppix @amitrmfc The fact that u said he got carried in 14/15 pretty much sums u… https://t.co/0OYMyg3GNP
@VegetaLLF @MessixEra @BayernLM10 @ilppix @amitrmfc Lmao u fr? How tf was he carried.. Just watch his performance v… https://t.co/gqWynthBEO
@VegetaLLF @MessixEra @BayernLM10 @ilppix @amitrmfc He didn't score but doesn't mean he was shit.. His second leg p… https://t.co/XD3b71pM0B
@VegetaLLF @MessixEra @BayernLM10 @ilppix @amitrmfc Fairs but damn.. For me 14/15 was his best (just by individual… https://t.co/p3gsKQgs6E
@Courtinho0125 @tcourtois1ii I mean it's ur opinion it but then don't be a hypocrite by saying that Messi played wi… https://t.co/EF49pvpOfv
@MessixEra @VegetaLLF @BayernLM10 @ilppix @amitrmfc His 16/17 season was so so underrated mann... Got overshadowed… https://t.co/0cdqcLqNtL
@cityjudez @FCB_Lad "Bigger club" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤡🤡
@CBallgooch @THEmuffinMAN930 @LeoFrenkie @ESPNFC Varane did it for club and country and was a pivotal part in the b… https://t.co/oiONdrZXX3
@VegetaLLF @MessixEra @BayernLM10 @ilppix @amitrmfc What's messis best season according to u?
@Ani7ii @lapulgafreak Marquihnos is class.. He played great in this ucl