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@darcydonavan Stunning pic of a very beautiful lady! Have a great day Darcy. Make it a Green Day. #SafeMoon
@SfmEngineer Me too it socks! But if this guy keeps selling out we may get another chance
@AjazP congratulations on a magnificent achievement. You have done yourself proud and your country proud. 10 wicket…
RT @Shibzone: I’m blessing 2 people with $1,000 in #Ethereum in the next 24 hours! $500 in $ETH will go to someone who retweet’s this… a…
RT @EverGrow_token: Retweet If you want ANOTHER big NEWS from $EGC 🙌🏽👀
RT @HiddenUlt: all prayers go out for a miracle
@kneuit I gather everyone knows the satellite that elon is launching this month is 32
@EmilyRo61601531 Looking lovely Emily. Have a great SafeMoon day.
@gnlenergy @MobileTradez It's looking good! Have you looked at CRV?
@susan_crypt Cory check out Enhance, I got some because they reflect automatically in SafeMoon tokens.
@KeveHeavy We are behind you!!
@LanaTheInvestor I'm in for that! The leprechauns are coming!
@darcydonavan So very true! We all need to understand that a simple SMILE can change someone's life. Be thoughtful…
@Bentley0072 Good on you. I didn't get in till early April but hanging tough. I struggle with the impatience and ne…