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@Bitch_itsreno Report me back when it's done. And thanks for reminding me that today is Mother's Day cause I gave my mom a hug and kiss.
I'm very glad I stop watching SNL years ago after hearing how bad tonight's show was.
RT @rikunow: #母の日 ということで、仲睦まじい動物親子。
@Bitch_itsreno The memes and jokes people made while they were waiting for the reentry was pretty amusing.
@Bitch_itsreno Heard it went into the Indian ocean and no one got hurt.
RT @Zooophagous: Cat Bane. People often don't realize how toxic and deadly lilies are to cats. Maybe this will help.
@Bitch_itsreno I can just picture you, using anything to block the stairs and such with random items in the house,…
RT @RolfatWarwick: Rolf report 9 May: My American human is often puzzled by my sleeping positions. He can’t see how I can be comfortable wi…
RT @Valdevia_Art: 06/02/2011 Near Fresno, California A hunter's camera catches sight of a group of unidentified creatures prancing around t…