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@BrettSc73750226 I will take that against the top teams but there are 2 problems mate 1. The standard of player a…
@BrettSc73750226 Major call. And it just wont happen mate I'm afraid. Englands ass will fall out in the next round…
@BrettSc73750226 France have a chance we have zero
All the talk from the jocks and they are out 😂😂😂 bottom😂😂😂.
RT @Charpercy84: Least the Scots can self isolate now 😂😂😂👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼
@BrettSc73750226 Disagree Brett. Nice to see you so positive though mate 😂
@BrettSc73750226 Dont look like conceding against 2nd rate teams. Mbappe and they like a lot different pal
Chilwell HAS to start on tuesday. Shaw is very poor with the ball
@BrettSc73750226 Germany are superb. Them or italy for me
@BrettSc73750226 France or germany will tear us apart
Southgate shitting himself. He just knows we cant beat those teams under him
Southgate knows we are out
As I said earlier we are a level above these teams in this group. Comfortable in all of them really. But this next…
Come on czechs. We dont want france or germany ffs
RT @Trevorlloyd92: Scotland will always have that 0-0 win (🤣) at Wembley to hold on to for the next 20+ years before they make another majo…
@ricospur So what. They are bottom and out
We have won this group in 2nd gear. But we need to play so much better. Our movement and general play needs to improve 100%