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@AdangerC Honestly, Damon. Ridley Scott did a damn fine job balancing genres/tones and he couldn't have done it wit… https://t.co/D7Xg5Okrfn
@AdangerC Leo’s a special case. Was that even acting? It was 2+ hours of “I get it, I can’t win for playing a debau… https://t.co/jYqOQTeEbQ
@Iouisavontrapp You’ll need a screen recorder with audio, but they cost money. (I use iShowU Instant.) Look for a f… https://t.co/lVXZoLc7Bz
@Koutchboom @davefranklin @LexG_III You had my head spinning for a sec. (Norton’s dad is a teacher, ftr.)
@LexG_III The book is a pretty solid multigenerational story with a couple of hints of the supernatural. The writer… https://t.co/JXTrjbeGw7
@Fred_J_Walsh @LexG_III Yes! First I pre-registered with the state, which took a little while and just put me on a… https://t.co/wckpkMIkYX
@LexG_III Gotta watch Body Double ASAP for prep.
@seyfriedsoscar Still weird how she exploded after Emma. and yet they ran a half-assed campaign for just the usual craft categories.
@LexG_III You can tell there’s real excitement behind this one! They even gave it one of the most overused, forgett… https://t.co/8GatNMbkUp
@notassassins @LexG_III I thought my being the one person who’s seen The Good Night had paid off—nope! (Gwyneth mus… https://t.co/ooLIKWwlG8
@LexG_III I’m too old to have a crush on ASR but Bridge to Terabithia made me SOB hardcore, so I’ve always hoped sh… https://t.co/DI9xsi4OaT
@LexG_III What did you call that level of actress who’s always stuck in flops (e.g. Alexandra Daddario, AnnaSophia… https://t.co/gRYsbe9qbl
@colormejorge Game of Thrones filled the gap for most of 2010s. (First GoT season and last HP film? Both 2011!)
@AdangerC Billy Beane and Molly Bloom are good looking civilians. Brad Pitt and Jessica Chastain are extra-hot Hollywood versions.
Hey @Had_Oscar_Buzz, Gal Gadot has been in non-Wonder Woman hits. Yet half of her IMDb known-for is unreleased (doe… https://t.co/f9oLGaAGkM
@LexG_III And yet he dated mid-2000s Keira Knightley!! I Instantly forget all his other work but he was good and sm… https://t.co/HbabzplTG1
@Mackey_Press @harvilla One ended and the other began (on a mass level) in 1994, right?
@rockinhouseprod @harvilla @ringer Or just looking through their CD towers/shelves while making conversation. What… https://t.co/q1ven9Wi4K
@JFliore @LexG_III Speaking of Coens, Inside Llewyn Davis was 2013.