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RT @lindseyadler: If this happens it either means the universe (in America) resets or we're completely doomed.
RT @BloggingTheBoys: Congratulations to @Bease11 on heading to the conference championship for the first time in his career!
RT @jr_welber: @RasGuevara @DannyG_NYC That wasn't a pass?
@RasGuevara @jr_welber 不不不不不不不不不
@RasGuevara @jr_welber Welber about to look up three point shooting for Australian born players in NBA history
@RasGuevara No reason to put a cap on young players 丹儭丹儭丹儭丹儭丹儭
RT @wingoz: Oh my God he was open ... and thats the game
RT @DanFosterType: Still trying to wrap my head around the fact that a bunch of people who think Bill Gates is going to inject them with a
RT @ericmichel: dj lemahieu: wait why does this contract only say 4 years $66 million yankees: well we already gave you 2 years $24 millio
RT @BarbaraComstock: Matt Gaetz should not be a Member of Congress.
RT @cdixon25: If #MLB is shortening baseball games again, can we shorten the commissioners tenure too?
RT @redsoxtroII: imagine the yanks win the world series and these mfs will be standing on the field like
@jaydeekata Helaire was a Hall of Famer after Week 1
RT @RexChapman: Boycott My Pillow @MyPillowUSA . And any network running My Pillow ads. Stop the madness. Pass it on.
RT @CrypticNotAlone: "Your total is $1.94 would you like to donate the remaining $0.06 to help kids in need?" Me: https://t.co/lVU2H6yNXr
RT @CrypticNotAlone:
RT @hgomez27: Clint Frazier and Miguel Andujar would be "key" pieces in a possible trade for Reds RHP Luis Castillo, per @RicardoGibbon. @
RT @hgomez27: Clint Frazier and Miguel Andujar would be