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RT @WestCoast_LEAF: Breaking news! The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled in the family law case we intervened in w/ @RiseWomensLegal. The m…
RT @EngagedCommuni2: COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Testing device distribution and usage training will occur this Friday at 7pm for residents of t…
RT @DhariRanjit: Eliminate violence in Relationships Today is Day 8 of #16DaysofActivism Against Gender Based Violence @DrBalbirGurm @Vio
#16DayofActivism depression, anxiety, PTSD, insomnia, and lesser known are heart disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arth… https://t.co/rFLst6nt2g
#16DayofActivism we need to ensure our countries have laws against sexual abuse that are practiced. Judiciary needs… https://t.co/NKngs65GgZ
#16DaysofActivism ensure that your workplace practices the human rights code and harassment policies, organize work… https://t.co/bk0UTIQTHo
Thank-you Jasmeen for interviewing me on the Roshni Show @redfmvancouver and discussing #16DaysofActivism and promo… https://t.co/UG7OBvWia5
Nurses, teachers and other social services staff can play a key role in prevention. Please ask the child/person if… https://t.co/1HfnstzWP4
Emotional abuse includes name calling, shaming, accusing, degrading, belittling. Experienced this, it is not your f… https://t.co/TPbnig0kC3
RT @SDEBC: Forensic Nurses work to care for those who have had violent events in their lives and we all must recognize the dangers signs of…
RT @SEAresource: If you do one thing today for #InternationalEconomicAbuseAwarenessDay & #16DaysOfActivism, then make it sharing this video…
To address the health pandemic of gender based violence, it is going to take all of us. Learn the signal, in an eme… https://t.co/gtXxkykeWq
We all need to #saysomething. Learn to recognize abuse and intervene, be a Community Champion, toolkit at… https://t.co/biDLCRKdfE
November 25 is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Let’s take a pledge to… https://t.co/dFSQMOdzVh
Today is the first day of the 30th annual world #16Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence Campaign. Let’s… https://t.co/zQfQwt1JFf
What a wonderful group, excellent discussion on diversity and inclusion. Thank you at @issbc @amssabc for sponsorin… https://t.co/aPpxwxMk0V
@CanadianKelli Thank-you @CanadianKelli for your kind words and thank you for being a nurse. Registered Nurses are… https://t.co/dUksVYGPgS
Racism continues in our colonial systems, both public and private institutions. We must all work together to change… https://t.co/0fYwftdYK7
RT @UN_Women: A to-do list for everyone. https://t.co/V0p5uVXXrn
RT @UN_Women: A to-do list for everyone. https://t.co/V0p5uVXXrn