EpicMikeyC (@EpicMikeyC)

@PWTorch AEdub officially in the Mud
@WebConn69 @thejbird904 Khan is a money mark, face facts
@davemeltzerWON A bunch of geeks squared off and the fans chanted WWE, WWE, WWE
@Cameronall1word @TommyEnd Stop blaming vince for talent failing to get over
@WONF4W I know they need women but how many people is this company going to sign? How many people do they need under contract?
@bryanalvarez Numbers AEDub Fanboys can only dream of
@WONF4W Numbers AEDub can only dream of
@WONF4W As long as wwe keeps releasing guys, Tony Khan will be writing them checks
@bryanalvarez Numbers AEDub Fanboys can only dream of
@WONF4W @davemeltzerWON Chances fall these WWE cuts were to pay for Punk's salary and he has been trolling everyone… https://t.co/GMqebyIUE7
@ryansatin Crazy that just about a the on screen talent for backstage is in aew now
@solomonster So WWE is dead according to the AEDub fanboys. Then how do you explain this?
@davemeltzerWON If Vince was really worried about AEW, why does he keep releasing all these big names that everyone… https://t.co/xAGXZnVnyw