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RT @Nonhlanhla_12: Wena uyayibanga idepression shame
RT @princessLopie: Delete the number, delete the chat, delete the pictures. Move on, it never happened
RT @ithastobecrack: i can't believe im a real person and this is real life
RT @khanyamkuhlu_: Lomntu wathi there’s a difference between ingxaki and problems was right, ingxaki azipheli but problems can be solved.
RT @llesha_m: Life after matric is stressful, fuck. i thought y'all were joking
RT @Kokoleo_zn: il vomit bricks before I let this one ever touch a bill I need her to understand she’s beautiful and her job is to be bea…
RT @cardenas08j: may our stomachs get flatter and our asses get fatter ladies ☝🏽
RT @_slimarella_: SAY IT WITH ME: “i will not let negative thoughts consume me.”
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RT @nellykayyy: I thought my stress would go away after getting my results. I was soooo wrong😭
RT @itssamkelo_: repeat your outfits, whoever has a problem with that must take you shopping
RT @The_StandardMan: Normalize lying to people who ask you a lot of questions about your personal life
RT @AphiweNxumz: People know exactly what they are doing and why they are doing it hey. Stop making up excuses for why they hurt you.