On my way to Sunday parish, enjoying the fall🥰✨😅 https://t.co/uBWYT4m90G
RT @demarcus127: Don’t think most people understand how vast Nicki’s catalog is like no rap girl is seeing her unfortunately
I got this info from Ashley Miracle, please don’t ask me again.
@longhairdontkia So like the post back so we can be twinum, where’s your class Jesus.
@longhairdontkia Read the comments ph4ggit! I said that😭😭and I also said “apparently” cause I don’t even know if Ir… https://t.co/FjGHRH4ZCS
RT @simply_pettyyy: Bey shouting out her fellow Virgos🙈 we really won! https://t.co/OLGJFQ5kHs
RT @WhatEverWillie: pay for my college tuition sis, i’m in my fourth year of medical school in london. gone be saving a bitch life
RT @_jadorececexo: When I tell you black people cant have NOTHING. I mean it https://t.co/MF1lXVMaBn